20th Century FOX Trading GALACTUS and SILVER SURFER for More Time With DAREDEVIL? :(


The Lead Up:
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If anyone read my post about X-Men first class, you know that there is no love loss between Fox and I. I think that they are capable of making good movies, but somewhere in that organization is the death of creativity. Each endeavor has to make it through the hells of development and somehow stay out of the slimy mits of the unnamed, that seems to make horrible decisions when it comes to their abuse of IP’s. First Class was the first movie in awhile to escape the fate of so many other possibly great films made into duds by this production company.

Now, Marvel has a big decision on the chopping block and they seem to have made a horrible choice or given an impossible decision to Fox.

The Choice:

Joe Carnahan (A-Team and The Grey) is next in line to Direct the Reboot of the Daredevil franchise for Fox. However Fox, if they wanted to keep the rights to the character, needed to have a film in production by October 10th.

Now HERE is the Kicker:

FOX, being the slow pokes that they are, aren’t going to get a film into production by the time limit. So now, Marvel has offered an deal. A deal that in it’s essence, upsets me, but at it’s core, could be a godsend. Marvel has proposed a deal stating that FOX can have more time to develop the Daredevil production, IF, they hand over Galactus and Silver Surfer among some other names.

At first, I was angry about this. I actually started writing this because of how angry I was. However, now that i’ve had 5 minutes to put my thoughts together. This could be a brilliant move for Marvel. Not only would the addition of Galactus and Silver Surfer bring the, Recently Announced, Guardians of the Galaxy property into a whole new realm of bad ass possibilities, but it also dead ends a huge chance that they are taking on FOX’s ability to pull off a great Fantastic Four reboot which will ultimately land the property back at home. If FOX can pull another miracle out of its ass and actually Use Dr Doom to his potential, they wont need these heavy hitters, But Galactus is at his base a Fantastic Four storyline. Taking the silver surfer also brings the possibility of the Herald storyline for another planet being that you can’t bring Galactus to Earth without the Avengers getting involved.


HOWEVER, it still stands to be argued that Marvel is allowing FOX to keep one of my favorite characters in the entire Marvel Catalog, Daredevil.

Daredevil is The Man Without Fear. Blind lawyer, Matt Murdock, from Hell’s Kitchen, who is a lawyer during the day and judge and jury at night. He is the product of a X-Boxer/Drunkard/Mob Enforcer and a soon to be nun. If you ever want to read a book and get caught up on how awesome Daredevil is as a character. Read Daredevil Yellow (This Link is to Amazon to buy the Hardcover…I’m Serious about this):

My love for this character dates way back to the Trial of the Incredible Hulk film, and even further back to a Spanish comic of unknown origin that floated around my house for 8 years while growing up. I don’t know why, maybe because I wear glasses, but I have always been drawn to this character. I didn’t even mind the movie with Ben Affleck. I think anyone who’s seen the Directors Cut of the film, will agree with me. It wasn’t ALL good, but they did get a lot of things right. As I always complain, the love interest ruined the film. A lot of that storyline was cut out in the Directors Cut.


The simple story stays the same. Fox screwed the pooch on this IP like they have with just about every other IP Marvel gave them. Marvel needs to get their property back. Yes, I do understand that there were a lot of companies that had their hand in the first Daredevil film and all the fault doesn’t fall completely to FOX, but their hands are still dirty and they were the biggest hands in the pot. Marvel needs to regain all their properties and show these IP’s the decency of good storylines and 50+ years of experience. I’d love to see Galactus and Silver Surfer returned home, I’m just not sure how I feel about leaving Daredevil to THEM!

One last time for the record:

What are your thoughts?

-TsTi Out-

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  • I don’t think Galactus is ever going to be done by Marvel on screen. And if it is, it will be an Avenger’s story line. And there’s several villains in line before he’ll leap from Fantastic Four. Surfer doesn’t have much to do with the Guardians, so you could conceivably not need him for a while too. My point being I agree that these characters could all be over at Fox; if nothing else resting there to rot in the perpetual horror (unfortunately with Galactus and Surfer)that they stopped being relevant in 1965. I know Daredevil could be cool. The problem with Daredevil is that people don’t buy it. People don’t understand the power because they’re stupid. But more importantly I don’t think Daredevil seems plausible to people. I think the idea of a white kid from the Bronx alone is something that turns people off, much less that he was blinded by a chemical that somehow both blinded him, yet also gave him bat sonar. Then that he was trained by ninjas, and now is a lawyer. I mean. It’s just too comic book. It’s one of the big reasons I couldn’t ever get into the character. The aesthetic is sweet. Don’t get me wrong, Daredevil looks badass, and his power is sweet, but the story is just so incredibly far fetched. It’s why Electra didn’t take off and wasn’t taken seriously: White people aren’t ninjas (except American Ninja. He was a fucking ninja. And Snake Eyes. But one is obsolete, and the other has no skin exposed so it doesn’t matter). Actually it doesn’t matter one way or another. Fox can’t be successful with the franchise even if they keep it. The big problem is they can’t make a trilogy. Not one that doesn’t turn out like the Bourne movies where it looks like Daredevil is beating the shit out of the same Eurotrash assassin for 9 hours. I mean, all they have is Bullseye and the Kingpin. Do you really think Fox is innovative enough to create villains for two movies that can’t be from Spider-man or the rest of the Marvel universe? The only reason they’re hanging on to what they’re hanging on to is because it’s leverage to get more to work with in the X-Men franchise. Because let’s face it: The worst mutants in any X-Men movie (Senator Puddles anyone?) were put there by (Angry Mexican Butterfly?) FOX. So, chances are Daredevil will be home sooner rather than later, anyways. Then the people that know and love the character the most can try and make me understand what’s so great about him. Then they can work on Dr. Strange.