Halo MCC: Why You Should Be Furious! (UPDATED)


On Friday, Nov 8th, I got off work and did something that I don’t normally do. I looked at my finances and said, “Fuck it, My friends miss me!”, and went into a Gamestop and spent $480 dollars (I didn’t really have) buying an Xbox one, Xbox live Gold Membership, and paid off HALO Master Chief Collection on the spot. I did this because a long time friend of mine asked me to come to Xbox One and rejoin my fellow Spartans in Halo Multi-player Conquest. Being honest with myself, though I don’t regret buying a ps4 and love it dearly, I missed my xbox live comrades. If I were going to come back to them, there was no better reason than Halo…..

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On Tuesday Nov 12th at 12:00 AM in the morning, I sat in a line of about 50+ People awaiting my copy of Halo Master Chief Collection. Halo has been one of my favorite games since the early days of college. I would sit at my friends apartment, even if he wasn’t there, to play countless games of halo 2 + 3 online. To say that I have devoted a lot of time to this series’ multi-player is an understatement. On that Tuesday morning, I found myself feeling the drive once again. I would strive to be, not the best, but comfortably seated at a level 47 in halo again.
(The return of the rating system brought pure joy to my mind-grapes!)

Upon receiving my copy from game-stop and missing out on an opportunity to take a picture with the man in the Master Chief outfit, because I left my phone at home, I sat on my couch waiting til 215 for the 15 GB update to finish. As my college friends gathered online, our anticipation grew and the party invites went out. The good old days of irresponsible sleeping patterns was about to begin. We started the party chat, entered the game, the epic halo main menu music started, and….


1. We couldn’t JOIN A PARTY in the game to enter matchmaking together.


This is the most basic function of multi-player. The idea of forming a group and entering into the competitive arena as a TEAM to take on other Teams and test your mettle in the world forum. This simple concept has shaken the world of gaming for the last 10 years and has evolved into the phenomenon known as e-sports which is currently at an all time high with gamers playing for millions of dollars in tournaments spanning multiple gaming IPs and Genres. This has been a staple of online multi-player for over a decade now, yet the game that basically solidified this process and the first person competitive genre on consoles is unable to do what it has already done many iterations before – FOR A DECADE! Most of the invites my friends and I have tried to send each-other don’t even make it to the recipient. We press the button and wait for 5 minutes because as far as I can tell, The request itself is lagged. It might show up to your friend 5 to 10 minutes after you send it. OR IT WONT! If it does show up and they accept, you have to wait another couple of minutes to see if they actually join you.

(The game seems to decide when it wants to let you party up, and once you do, you might be kicked out of the party in the matchmaking process. Not only might you be separated in the process but you might be put on a team by yourself in a 4v4 team battle against a properly full team.)

Verdict: BROKEN

2. The Matchmaking Doesn’t work.


When I say matchmaking doesn’t work. I don’t mean that people aren’t playing and the hope of a game is slow. I’m telling you that you can sit on the multiplayer for an accumulation of 12 hours (4 the first night, 4 throughought the day after release, and 4 more hours the day after the day after the release) and in that time, you might play 3 games. The first game I made it into wasn’t even a 4v4, it was a 4 v 2, which now we know it just does because of “issues” being addressed. The second game was a game to 50 that ended after 8 kills. The 3rd game was 4 v 1 and ended due to the obvious one guy quitting against a team of 4 opponents. In 12 hrs, that has been my halo experience.


These are gripes that one could look at and say, “That sucks, but it will be fixed!”. It’s here that I explain to you why you should be absolutely RAVING LUNATICS about this.

I love IGN, but they are so far inside the developers asshole they can barely see out of the PR “crowd control” ass flap they live under. Yeah I know the campaign exist. I played it ages ago, but don’t tell me to re-direct my anger and be satiated by half of a purchase, which is what I take the end of the video to mean. They have a new video up about collecting HALO toys while the matchmaking is down. REALLY? Go Collect Toys! It sounds to me like someone wants to be beat to death for saying stupid things aloud. And then listen to this head of development give his apology…

“we are truly sorry and feel your frustration”. He said the team at developer 343 Industries was working “day and night” to resolve the problems, and promised a back-end fix is planned to go live on Wednesday.

“You deserve better and we are working day and night to find solutions as quickly as possible, with our first priority focused on matchmaking improvements,” Ayoub said.

“Tomorrow morning (Wednesday morning Pacific Time) we plan to roll out a number of server updates to help improve matchmaking. Again, these are server-side fixes, so you won’t need to take a content update or reboot your console; you should see the effects right away.”

This isn’t the first multiplayer issue that’s come to light for the game, as 343 Industries recently explained that networking troubles led the developer to delay the dedicated Halo: Combat Evolved multiplayer playlist. No timetable for its release has been announced.


Do you feel my FRUSTRATION? In your three days of “doing your job” to fix something you should have ensured worked BEFORE selling the product. I’m sure with your sales numbers sheet, which hasn’t been released from what I can tell, You are surely as “frustrated” as all the people who made you millions over night with a product that they couldn’t use. This is where the real problem comes in. This is why this can’t be allowed to be forgotten. It all comes down to one word:


343 studios has just succeeded in getting money for a faulty product that does not function. I’m sure that close to if not vastly over a million units were sold of this game by now. At 60 dollars a pop. They say that “Some people are having issues”. I haven’t seen one twitch broadcaster (big or small) not have the main problems listed above. WEST/CENTRAL/EAST America or FOREIGN. NO ONE! I have however seen a bunch of them quit after trying to stream for 8 hours and getting anywhere between 1 and 3 games the ENTIRE stream.

Oh and let’s not point out the interesting tidbit in the last quote that states that they didn’t deliver a piece of the game yet because of networking troubles. What the hell do you call whats going on WITH THE REST OF THE GAME?!

So first things first, you sold a broken product that you had to know was broken or you’re criminally negligent and either way, you are “doing everything you can to fix the problem” Multiple server side updates that haven’t worked. Then they tack on shit like “You don’t have to download anything to your personal system, its all on our side”, like they’re doing us a Favor.

Let me tell you bro! You want to do me a “Diamond” Solid? How about you don’t sell me Broken shit covered in promises and “I’m sorry” stickers.

I would venture to say that if they were as diligent in their making, production, and distribution of the game, as they are with these apologies, we wouldn’t have an issue right now.

Let me ask you a questions. When in your adult life has “I’m sorry” fixed anything? No offense but someone needs to let 343 know that this is the real world and sorry doesn’t cut it. Sorry doesn’t save anyone’s job when they’re going to get fired. Sorry doesn’t get the juice stain out of the carpet, or the damage off your car in an accident. SOrry doesn’t fix the fact that thousands of people sat outside in the cold on a tuesday morning waiting for your game, just to get home, make it through the day one download of 15 GB, just to not be able to partake in what they waited so long to be a part of.

343 and others like them need to pay what they owe. They owe everyone who paid 60 dollars and can’t use the product they bought. Yeah the campaigns are there, but I would venture to say that 90+ Percent didn’t buy it for the campaigns. They bought it to relive one of the greatest multi-player experiences ever. The trendsetting multi-player that has given us everything (for better/for worse) that we have today in e-sports as a whole.

This has turned into nothing short of false advertising and corporate power flexing what they can do to us, and we just have to take it. That is unacceptable. People need to be a little more irate about things like this. They basically got away with robbery and then said, we’ll bring the money back as soon as we can. Incompetence helps no one.

In other news:

Assassin’s Creed Unity ships with tons of glitches and “Ubisoft asks players to continue reporting problems and will be updating the Live Updates Blog with their progress”.

What you just read was a corporation who pays people to make games and test them for production to ensure quality for distribution, pass the buck to the consumer who purchased the game to enjoy a quality 60+ dollar product. Yes, I’m aware that now that the problems are here, feedback helps! However, this is the 7th or 8th iteration of this game. You know how to render a F’n face!


Do you want to know something else? There is a micro-transaction in assassin’s creed that cost $100.00 Bucks. Yet Ubisoft goes one step further and actually places a review embargo on the AC Unity game, making it so no bad press can come out about the game until it has sold their suspected launch numbers. BUT, I bet you the 100 dollar micro-transaction WORKS!

Do you see the problem arising? I won’t even go into the Battlefield Servers, or the Drive Club, or the Destiny, or the Watch Dogs situations. It’s all the same and everyone involved is to blame. You are being asked to pay top dollar for unfinished products and in certain cases, as we see, be the free beta testers for something you already bought.

This is a trend and people need to start getting angrier and fighting back before it becomes the heart of gaming.

[TsTi Out]

P.S. If 343 wants to be “sorry” and play make up. That’s fine. Make Halo 5 a free purchase for everyone who had Halo MCC within the first 3 days of release. They can look at the accounts and tell. But I bet you they wont. I bet you they will give your gun a free “cool” skin as retribution. Does that make you happy?



So, Hate to say I told you so but….

The “making things right” that the head of 343 promised halo fans, stands as: (Courtesy of the Ass-Hats at 343 https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/community/blog-posts/halo-the-master-chief-collection-thank-you

This has been a humbling experience and highlighted how we as a studio can – and need – to do better for Xbox fans around the world.  We are so grateful to our fans who have stood by our side and we appreciate all of your patience as we worked through these issues.  As a token of our appreciation and to thank fans for the continued support and understanding, we will be offering the following items, for free, to anyone who has played Halo: The Master Chief Collection online since launch (11.11.14) through today (12.19.14).*

  • 1 Month of Xbox Live Gold

  • Exclusive In-Game Nameplate

  • Exclusive In-Game Avatar

So, let’s be clear. For the first time since the next gen consoles came out, Halo MCC was released and Xbox finally got to tout selling more XB1s in a month than Sony could sell PS4s. I think its more than reasonable to conclude that the release of Halo was a major contributor to the influx in sales.


I can’t say it any louder in a text format, but this is absolute bullshit!

– ONE MONTH of XBOX LIVE. I paid for a full year when I bought the game.

– Exclusive in game nameplate and Avatar AKA something you were going to make available to everyone anyway but you had to put it out early and make it exclusive.

They essentially did the thing I said above, at the original END to this post. They gave you a cool skin! What does it take to get you angry? How much money do you have to lose?

343 will never for as long as I game, get any more money from me. If you are one of the many people that come to defend 343 and call people who work for their money, “Whiners” for wanting to get a working product for 60 dollars, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM! Gaming will only be hurt by your decisions.

343 should be ashamed of themselves……

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  • CraigEvans7

    I’m not a Halo or AC fan but it is absolutely ridiculous that these games can be released in such a state. I’m desperately awaiting a new Fallout game and I can only imagine how angry I would be to pay £60 for it only to find that it hasn’t been finished. In fact, I already experienced it when I bought Watch_Dogs which ended up being broken for 3 weeks.
    The fact that games can now be patched and updated to fix bugs after the game has been released is awesome, but it seems as though some developers have forgotten about finishing their games for launch day and are just utilizing updates to extent development time without pushing back release. Maybe investors are to blame, wanting their product on the shelf ASAP to maximize revenue, knowing that any issues can be fixed afterwards. Either way, it sucks and the consumer is the one taking it in the ass. Sure, we more often than not get a full, unbroken product IN THE END, but our confidence is dwindling and quite rightly so.
    I’m really grateful for all the incredible games that are being created today. Let’s not forget all the hard work that does go into these games, but more quality control needs to be applied before companies start taking our hard-earned cash.

  • Joey Figaro

    If half the game didn’t work, 50% refund seems a lot more reasonable.

    • If the game amount was the summation of their error I would agree. However, they aren’t just paying for half the product. They are paying for half a product that I believe they knowingly released without it being ready, and if they didn’t know, its because they were not responsible in its production and testing before release. There are such things as Betas to prevent such mishaps. This amounts to nothing more than faulty production and just like when you bungle up any business deal, you take the consequences. The only consequence they’ve had is saying “sorry”. Unacceptable. The need to be made an example of before they cause the gaming industry to self destruct. Thank you for joining the discussion<3

    • Doggystyle

      That’s just plain retarded.