Interstellar Movie Review…The Greatest Sci-Fi of Our Generation?

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I’m going to start out this review with a little back-story. So if you want to know a rating then here you go.

Acting: 10/10
Story: 9//10
Concept: 7/10
Sound: 7/10
Cinematography: 10/10
Execution: 10/10

Overall Rating: 8.8

If you want to understand what went into the rating, continue reading for details.


My brother and I are long time movie analyst to say the least. We spent our childhood renting movie stores out of their stock (Aka seeing every movie a store had to offer). We would sit and debate the merits of a film down to it’s very basic concept and agree or disagree on its overall worth. This is no different from any other movie buff and his friends. However, as our lives began to take shape, our taste in films began to differ.

Our taste differed to the point that when I would watch a film I really loved with him, he would activate “Two-Finger Viewing” Mode. This mode consisted of him watching the film with his fingers at his temple like Professor X (Of the X-Men), and his entire body became a hard shell with which he would deflect all Merit from the film I suggested. This started with Dead Man on Campus.

Why do I bring this up?

Because a Friend of mine on Facebook did this:

Interstellar is undoubtedly the best scifi film (possibly best film period) of our generation. If you haven’t seen it; go.

I have never in my life activated “Two-Finger Viewing Mode”. This statement made me want to do it. Of course, this statement is based on opinion, so I am not in my “feels” about it. However, there is a long list of Sci-Fi films under my belt and some of them sit at the top but all in number one because perfect is perfect. There doesn’t have to be a number 1 and 2. It’s a club with many members. We each get to make our own club. Will Interstellar join the club my club???

—–(12 hours later)

No, it does not, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t try to kick the door down. I was honestly, very impressed with the movie. The plus and minuses go like this:

Acting: 10/10

The acting in this movie is amazing. With a cast, like the one we have for this film, it honestly couldn’t go wrong.

Story: 9//10

The Story for this film is strong. The execution and pacing are perfect, and when the moment comes that you start to get lost in all the intensity, it backs off and lets you breath, if only for a moment.

Concept: 7/10

I found the concept to be the weakest aspect of the film, due to the fact that 10 minutes into the film, the concept was figured and then it went exactly where you would expect it to go with no faints or twist.

Sound: 7/10

I am very aware of the fact that Christopher Nolan has addressed the “sound issue” and stated that it was a choice, not a mistake. The “sound issue” refers to the dialogue of the film being drowned out by the score and other sounds in the film during certain scenes. I can’t really fault him for his creative process because as a filmmaker he retains the right to produce his film the way HE intended it. However, As with all artistic mediums, we live and die at the whims of those who view our Artistic Expression. Therefore, If your viewers cannot decipher your intentions to the point of countless articles and social media comments and immediate backlash, you might have chosen an incorrect way to convey your artistic expression.

Should an artist be stunted by the understanding of the audience. No! But the argument still carries weight because your value is the summation of opinion. See my article, To be an Artist If you don’t understand this.

All that being said, the scoring for this film was an amalgam of excellence and even when you couldn’t hear the dialogue of the scene, the score conveyed it’s emotion. For Better or For Worse? You decide…

Cinematography: 10/10

Perfect. Beautiful 80 percent of the time, and uncomfortably beautiful 20 percent of the time. Claustrophobic viewers beware. You can feel the walls at certain moments.

Execution: 10/10

Technically this movie was perfect. Nothing was too fantastical and the practical effects vastly outweighed the cg which kept the film engaging even it is later, slower moments. The Concept, though weak and predictable, did not hurt the story in any way. Even though I deducted points from sound, in that category, execution-wise I can’t deduct points because Nolan did what he set out to do…For Better or For Worse. I respect the decision without condoning it.

Why This Movie Is Not The Best Sci-Fi movie of My Generation:
(Opinions not Fact)

To me, this movie cannot be the best sci-fi film of my generation because it is a strong film, but not a film that impacts life as a whole. This is why I tacked on (opinion not fact) to this section. I can completely understand someone considering this the best Sci-Fi film of a shared generation or of all time. To those that think it is, I’m not trying to tell you you’re wrong.

This is why its not to me!

As I’ve stated before, I’ve seen a lot of movies that span all genres throughout my life. I’ve noticed that the movies that are considered the best of their time are usually so because they convey something about that time period, the state of mind of the viewers, and correlations to the life they lead. The “Best” affects the life the viewer leads, post viewing the film in question. Like a grand historical event, the world is forever changed, but not just for one individual. For every individual even if indirectly. The Correlations between story, themes, and innovation of concept mesh into an experience that has never been felt before. Simply put, The Greatest, changes the Game.

I.e. Star Wars and the beginning of the digital age. An age where sci-fi is no longer completely impossible. No, this is not my favorite movie ever and it pains me to speak of it in the realm of Generational movies, but it is. Love/Hate Relationship.)

For me, Interstellar did not change the game. It was a beautifully crafted film that showcases the film-making expertise of Nolan, who I personally believe is one of the best Directors alive right now. Interstellar is fantastic, but it is not a game changer and I’ve seen too many movies to call it the best sci-fi of this generation or of all time.

(I started this article 3 days ago and have waited this long to finish it because I had to think about every aspect of the film over and over again to write that sentence. I still feel reserve about it. The film is great, but I still can’t reconcile its position as possibly among the best. For me it’s not even Nolan’s best film!).

I believe that this film is pretty damn great. I believe that this film will win a deserving Oscar. I also believe that Nolan, if he hasn’t already created his Opus, will make me eat these words in the years to come. For now though, Interstellar does not belong with The Best.

Having said that….Go See it!

[TsTi Out]

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