Masters of the Universe Remake – Say It Aint So!!! :(


The new news on the block is that director John Chu (Fast and Furious, G.I. Joe Retaliation) has been offered the director role for a remake of Masters of the Universe.

For the children of the 80’s, we all remember this:

This represented all of our hopes and soon to be our fears of the beloved He-man show, masters of the universe. I hold a place in my heart for this film. A dark place, where there are only two inhabitants. He-man and the Beast Master. When I think back to this film, I like to think of the things that actually worked opposed to the plethora of things that did not. It was a different time though Hollywood still makes these same mistakes, so let’s go over how to get the this right. First we’ll go over what was right in the first film and what was wrong.

What to do and not to do:

A premise like this can only work on another planet, or a prehistoric/cataclysmic and regressed earth. The original film tried to bring this premise into the real current day world and suffered heavily for it.

Don’t be afraid to do a MINOR revamp of costume. These type of costumes worked in the original because they were trying their best to ride the coat tails of Conan. However, you’re story isn’t as rich or as interesting as the beginnings of Conan, nor is it backed by the talent or love of the genre like Conan was. Give He-man his own flare and possibly stay away from calling him He-Man. Sorry but we all know its the worst name ever!

One thing you can take from the original Conan is the disdain for female cuddling. Keep your love interest out of it. In the original they brought the story to earth and even went as far as to have human subplot with a love story that took away from everything that was working with the film.

Keep the design for Skeletor Basic!!! If they made this movie and kept the same make-up from the first film, I would be delighted. It was one of the only things that i feel still looks bad-ass to this day. (see below)

Don’t let anyone in the production crew get “creative” and start adding characters that look as stupid as this! WTF!

Update the action and make it fantastical…BUT DONT FUCKING OVER DO IT! I tried to find a clip to put here but the newer animated series from 2002 was so bad it isn’t even made fun of on youtube. In this animated show, they tried to update the fighting by having every character spin their weapons for 30 seconds before trying to land a blow. Its fucking god awful!

First and foremost, create a world in which all this makes sense. Don’t try to just throw us in. Take the time to flesh out a playground that our eyes can play through. Don’t fuck with the setting to make it easier for you to place a shot. Give me a He-Man I can be proud of.

Bottom Line:

Click to enlarge pic for ALL of its Awesomeness!

They have chosen a good director to keep the adrenaline up and the action intense. Now they need a good cast and the right production/creative team to create a feeling that isn’t just Conan on crack. It’s possible! I just want to know that someone can do this and do it right with utmost respect for what made this great in our childhood. Make me feel like a kid again.

-TsTi Out-

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  • Well for one thing as a child of the 80’s myself and a huge He-Man fan I completely get where you’re coming from. A few things to note though. The 80’s Live action film was based on the toys and not the cartoon. Most people don’t realize there was a difference but before the cartoon was created the backstory for He-man was alot different. There was no Prince Adam or alter ego.We’ve actually been discussing this and possible ideas over at BH see ya there). Also I ageree with just about every point you made (except that the 2002 remake sucked, yes the sword spinning was a bit ridiculous but thankfully they stopped with that after the first few episodes and the stories were very good, and the overall take was pretty badass). Also check out this script review of Grayskull: Masters of The Universe from Justin marks. I personally think this version would’ve kicked ass!!!