Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “Fans” are stupid!


Everyone has seen this trailer by now, and if your a frequent visitor of any movie site, reddit, or twitter, there is no shortage of hate. In 1:32 seconds, Michael Bay garnered even more haters than he already had. The funny thing is, Michael Bay is the producer, NOT THE DIRECTOR. This little bit of information is completely easy to catch in the trailer, but people are choosing to ignore it. Not to mention that I don’t see how people can claim to be ninja turtles fans and bitch about this trailer.

REAL fans of the turtles know that everything that has been sold to the masses is so completely different from the original turtles that most fans aren’t fans at all. The turtles started out with the same color headbands, cursing and fighting in an intergalactic gladiator stadium against triceratops men, being moderated by a floating cow head.



They would come out of their fights, torn to shreds and bleeding profusely. No film, cartoon or new comic have come close to that. Things change. It’s a way of life. Nothing this movie does can take away my history with the turtles and the feelings I had and still have of what it means to be “brothers” in a fight to do what’s right. SO here’s a quick list of why Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ‘Fans’ are stupid.

Why TMNT “loyal” fans are fucking idiots:

first, I think the biggest reason people keep saying that “fans” are hating to hate is because they keep saying things like “F- Bay” who isn’t even directing the film, but people are latching onto the bay hate train to get in an extra jab.

Secondly, Not that I don’t believe people when they claim to be children of the 80s but if your childhood can be ruined by a film….You’re childhood is either very fragile or you already gave your childhood away and are looking for someone to blame.

Third, So what if the turtles look a little different. I hate to quote Jay-Z of all people but when he released an album a few years back he got a lot of hate from people saying he sold out and he replied, “If you like the way i use to sound, my old cd’s are still available”. Same goes for the turtles. No one is demanding you see this movie or trying to make you. What point are you trying to make by damning the film? If you have a point and the movie suffers for it, or they GET TO MAKE A SECOND ONE, your issues will be addressed or you will find out just how much of a minority you are. Also, even in the old and many different tellings of the turtles origin, their human contact gave them their features and form. I think the nostrils which do exist on certain turtles and tortoises is fine and still completely covered by origin, henceforth, your opinions are valid as long as you have the decency to not try to overthrow other peoples opinions. It’s not that serious.

Lastly, Though most of you haters will see it anyway, If you don’t that’s also fine because you are obviously afraid of change and i think everyone should be entitled to that fear. Though I think you should really question your “fan card” if all someone had to do, to make you flip out and blast a movie about one of your ‘FAVORITE’ childhood shows BEFORE seeing it, is change a mouth and nose holes. Oh wait, just the lips…the nostrils like they have in the new version are actually found on certain turtles.

Exhibit A

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit B

In the end, “would be fans” that can’t help but throw venom, Just throw away your fan card. You aren’t a fan of the Turtles, you are a fan of one iteration of the turtles and become more and more invalid by the second.

[TsTi Out]

P.s. This is badass, I don’t care how you cut it. You have to be Shredder to not like these images as a true fan.


Raph using his shell to take out a hummer.

Raph using his shell to take out a hummer.

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  • LAMO!!! good times man! Wish I had seen this a while ago! Movie was tight! Could’ve had a better story but was good fun!