The State of Things (Op/Ed) Part 1: What to Teach Your Children…


  • Manners

    Understand that the base instincts that dictate the behavior and longevity of your child’s life, are based on their understanding of how to/how not to interact with other humans that they encounter. If you don’t understand this simple concept, you are an asshole and a horrible human being. The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


    Everyone is completely caught up in why evil is evil, and in the age of science (which we are living right now) people forget that there is such a thing as flat out evil. While people sit in labs with machines trying to figure out the how and why, it’s up to you to teach your children how to spot a bad apple, how to not BE a bad apple, and What to do when Evil stares them in the eyes. For Evil, the how and why don’t matter. 


  • The only Societal Truths are Money, Connections, and Luck.

    Either one will get you where you want to go. Success stories rarely come out of talent but may also seem concocted to propagate the ideology of working hard, pays off.

    (You end up the old guy, in the bar, holding up your pride like a last bastion of the good fight)
    This is also why achieving Happiness is the ultimate balance to the equation.

  • People are Fickle and Friends are Interchangeable.

    If you’re lucky, You’ll make it through life with 5 people who didn’t leave and have your best interest in mind, while still taking care of number 1, of course. For those that are gone, appreciate the good times and use the profit to write off the bad times.

  • Decide Whether or not You Want to be a Good Person or a Successful Person.

    Rarely can you be both, and strive for the stars.  If you choose to be a good person, no one can rightly say anything negative about you. However, they still will.

  • Money isn’t everything….

    but it’s still important. The only thing you can do to further hurt yourself when you’ve hit rock bottom, is not have the money to buy a ladder.

  • Colleges/Universities  are Only Necessary for Certain Professions

    (I.e. Law, Medical, and Business Degrees)
    Trade schools can cover the rest and better prepare you to actually join the workforce.

  • Work for Yourself

    Sometimes you have to take a shitty job to buy time for personal expansion. Don’t take it as a failure, but never forget, Your boss doesn’t care about you. The company you’ve been with for 12 years will replace you for the first cheaper option. I have been exclaiming this for years and been labeled a maniac, but our current economic status in the World Market is what happens when people don’t listen. Need more proof? Read THIS!

  • Empathy is a Valuable Asset

    Try to keep it in mind when observing the world around you. It will be hard!

  • Remember that Success, like Beauty, is a Bar Set by Your Own Mind, not Society

    Don’t judge yourself through other’s eyes. Make them see you for who “I AM” not who they think “YOU ARE”.

  • Lovers Are the Most Ferocious Fighters

    “I’m a lover not a fighter” is a justification for pussies. People have become too docile and aren’t willing to fight for the things that matter (Or things without a hashtag it seems). Sometimes you have to put down the docket and throw a goddamn punch! Don’t be afraid to do it.

  • Through Everything You will Go Through in Life, Remember That You and Your Life is Beautiful

    Nothing and No One can take that away from you, but YOU!

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