The Strongest There Is…Why?

The Strongest There Is....Why?

So I guess I’ll explain a little why my blog is called, the strongest there is. I’m a fan boy of the Incredible Hulk. For Those that don’t know who that is:

Hulk Hate Stupid...Hulk Smash!!!!!

I admire all of the superheroes like the Hulk who have a very dark existence to their character, like the Punisher. I love these characters because I like to think of their real world affects. I was raised to believe that consequence were always there for when people fuck up. I am now 29 and I know that isn’t the case. People don’t pay attention to what comes out of their mouths anymore, and barely ever do they have to pay for being social blights. No one cares if their actions ruin lives or if they hurt others, BUT THEY WOULD if there was a Hulk running around. An anonymous figure that you had to be afraid of pissing off because he would make you pay immediately by destroying every thing you love and probably throwing you out of a window. Some people may call that extreme. I call it Just.


The world has become crippled by it’s inability to have a backbone , while Evil (O_o)  has evolved with the times. In other words. Evil has gotten smarter. Perfect example being the current trend of internet harassment leading to kids killing themselves. I’m going to keep this as short as possible.

1. Parents are told not to Spank their children, which leads to bad ass kids. (not that they didn’t exist before but now they have the power to make people revolve around them as opposed to being snuffed out.)

So the schools who are left to create a safe learning haven for its residents go on a crusade to get rid of bullies, Therefore ceasing the segregation of nerds and jocks. Leading to the explosion of “cool”. A smart movie (100 Girls) once said, “If everyone is cool, then no one is cool”. The kids that use to benefit from being picked on at school would grow learning the life lesson of what not to be and how to work towards sustaining one’s self as a higher form of intelligence through success and perseverance, always being reminded of what one could be if they decided to let it all slip away and give up.
However, without the bully, everyone thinks they are cool. If you haven’t seen the attitudes and entitlement of kids today, you are in for a treat. The jocks and the Nerds are the same personalities. There is no uncool group but their are a bunch of whiners.  Without the gaping line of cool and uncool, the socially uncool  are being picked on without reserve from both sides that are now one giant force.  If not at school, then through social networking sites and video games. Which means, now kids don’t even get a rest at home unless they live in a cave.  Oh how smart you are Evil.

-Oh and the kids that don’t get beat, they get sent to their rooms, where they can brood over the internet and halo on their xbox 360.

2. With the entitlement labeled by 1.  we are given a new breed of grown up. People that don’t live in the real world. Things that are stupid (and I’m not talking humor-stupid) are smiled upon and integrated into the “cool”.  Social abnormalities become selling points to the masses, and the degradation of society begins. Every system set in place is to maintain the privileged, and all while people welcoming the depletion of their rights, give corrupt business men and social powers free reign to screw every one. One of the greatest things I ever said and then heard on a TV show was my idea that slavery didn’t end, it just enveloped all races and creeds. Now everyone is fighting their own little battles trying to gain a piece of the world for themselves, instead of healing the world as a whole.

That is the perfect way to lose battles. 

When was the last time you heard something going on around the world that made sense to you? The issues I speak of are not just entertainment but every day life. When was the last time you went to work at your 9 to 5 and actually thought your boss was smarter than you and deserved his job? When was the last time you made enough money to really go for anything you wanted to do?  While congress was voting on what size your American flag could be in public display, people were dying and losing their homes. When the government was digging company execs out of the trenches, what were they doing for the people losing their lives in the recession?


The type of moneys that were being received by most of the companies that went under or were kept afloat, was more than enough to save every persons.

Evil is all around us and it must be stopped. These things wont change with an office shooting or a parade. They must change in the human heart. To do that, the world has to be stopped in its place, allowing those too stupid to hang on to be thrown into space.

4. I just looked up how much money was invested in the govt bailouts and to even my surprise it is over 14 Trillion dollars.
Most people don’t make over 2 million dollars in their entire lives. If you make 65k a year and live for 70 years, you could make 4.5 million. That’s if you start making 65k  a year when you exit the womb. The ave life span of an American is 65 years for men and 69 for women. If you are older, count yourself lucky.  The money spent bailing out companies was more than enough to give everyone in the U.S. 46k to put it in perspective. Why bail out a company that is failing at keeping itself afloat. For the jobs? The money could go towards people creating new jobs from better suited businesses pool’ed by the individuals of a now defunct company that obviously didn’t deserve to stay afloat. The businesses that had to be bailed out, had to be bailed out because they were dying businesses either by trade and technological progression, or because they were shitty companies!

If you need more of a breakdown. Check this little tidbit out.
Do you know which airline did not ask for government bailouts?

Southwest Airlines
– leader in customer satisfaction for the last 5-7 years. They have only grown more loved and cared for by it’s customers.

Every Other airline asked for bailouts and NOW they are back to doing shitty business. Now charging customers for Luggage!!!
It Makes me so Angry I just want to PUNCH SOMEONE!

May sound like an over reaction to you but it’s this same type of fucking horrible business mind that WILL end up putting us in another Depression (In two ways).

The government is owned by the banks and during the recession when they had to bail out the banks, something wonderful happened. The banks were once again controlled by the people……FOR A BRIEF MOMENT. What did the government do to destroy this glimmer of hope? THEY allowed the banks to buy themselves back and do the same things that the airlines did, continue shitty business.

This is the incompetence that we need to make sure does not happen. It will cost us many lives. Don’t get me wrong. I am an American. I don’t think America is the best or greatest country ever because I believe, that notion, is something that belongs to the perception of each and every individual not a banner. I love America. I have loved my life here, and may not live here for much longer but will remember it fondly. All the love that I have for this Nation has nothing to do with what I’m speaking about. There is good in everything, but everything could also be a lot better. That goes for every person and country on this beautiful planet.

The only one’s that persevere now are the one’s with attitudes like me. We exist between the privileged and the never had a chance. SO we make our chances with Attitudes that say that no matter what “we are who we are and no one can stop us”. You may be one of us, but you may not put it in these words. I can be a little heavy on the drama, its my personality. I just like to use Occam’s razor for most of life because it, more often than not, fixes the problem.  There is no problem too advanced for straight thinking, even if you’re not a genius.  The world is working very backwards right now and I realize that while I may bitch about things a lot, people have bigger problems than me.

If I was the Hulk, I would handle everyone’s true problem. Stop being dicks. Help your fellow man and think before you act.  For those that won’t adhere, there will always be The Strongest. Social heroes that sustain life on this planet of abominable un-intelligence and sheeple. We will prevail eventually. I hope. LoL

I know this started out as a simple post about the name of the blog and became an epic of Mind altering belligerence but I kind feel like I painted a decent portrait in words of what I originally set out to do. Thanks for reading!

We Stand!

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