TsTi Podcast 39: The New and Improved PODCAST for the People!


On this new and improved episode of the TsTi Podcast, we take a moment to help out our fans. I asked earlier in the week that people send us mail at tstidotcom@gmail.com. I promised that we would take the time to help our fans and give advice for life issues! Life is always throwing curve balls and it helps to have people that have your back. That is where we COME IN! :)

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—New Features introduced in this Podcast—

Featured Musical Artist of the week: *SPIES*

Click Image to Visit the Spies Homepage!

(Full Songs Used In Podcast)

= Intro Song!
SPIES – Lions (Right Click Link to Download)

= Outro Song!
Spies – Get Going (Right Click Link to Download)

To hear more from Spies – please visit: www.drunkspies.bandcamp.com

—The News Stories Segment (with Piano by Lofi Dragon)—

Black Friday Brawl:

Squatch DNA?: (I call Bullshit)

Jimi Hendrix’s Birthday – Nov 27th 1942 –


Advice Section:

Thank You for joining us! We appreciate the emails and want more people to get involved, so we can continue to provide advice. Also, don’t forget to support the Musicians (Spies) that graciously allowed us to use their music for our podcast! Thanks again for the Support!

-Tsti Family Out-

About The Strongest There Is

Born in Richmond, VA, TsTi is a well traveled individual, raised on rated R movies and hard times. Reluctant to be quelled by the status quo, he is an avid thinker, writer, artist, Avid Gamer and entrepreneur. He is nourished by intellectual conversation, bored to tears by casual speech, and has no time for the small picture. Very outspoken. Very confident, and always ready to create! Current Games: - Bloodborne aka Death Simulator - Battlefield: Hardline aka "Why is the enemy spawning behind me?" - Pinball FX2 - Best game on Xbox One (replay value, price, fun) - League of Legends - as Always, Game about teamwork played by assholes!