Warner Bros. Approaches Ben Affleck to Direct Justice League!

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On Ben Affleck:

A lot of people are probably shaking their head right now because of the ever present love of band wagons to hate on Ben Affleck, but I beg that you take a moment, or maybe just a few, and turn your attention to his Directorial Debut “The Town” (2010) and EVERYTHING else he’s been doing for the last 5 years. Everyone likes to remember Ben Affleck as the budding actor who use to do films with Matt Damon and be at the ass end of every joke. Like a man, he endured those times and even made himself marketable again by joining in on the masses by laughing at himself (i.e. certain roles in Kevin Smith films). However, in the last 5 or so years, he has become a powerhouse behind the scenes. Before dipping out of the camera’s view in late 2010 with The Town (A+ film), he was in another film called The Company Men, which I enjoyed tremendously. With his new film Argo (which looks entertaining as hell) coming out, I believe that even before I started this website, I was right about him. The issue was never that the man couldn’t act. The issue was that, in the eyes of the studios and many viewers, he would always be the second rate Matt Damon. For this reason he got shit for roles offered to him and even though still touted with star power, was never able to work with material that allowed him to be anything other than a second rate actor. It’s because of this that he turned to directing, stating that he would only like to act in things that he directs. He was tired of the material he was being fed that was killing his career. He doesn’t have to be the ass end of the joke anymore and as an academy award winner, is back on track.
(I mean, Let’s be Honest, He never had a bad Track record…Unless you’re a Hater!)

Movies of NOTE:

Hollywoodland – If you haven’t seen it, DO IT!
State of Play
Clerks 2
Daredevil – I thought he was great, The theatrical cut and script were crap!
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
….And these are just the fun films off the top of my head.

I always like to tell people that you have to think of actors and films in so many different aspects that it’s hard (not impossible, but very hard) to use blanket statements like:

“Oh my god..(Insert Name)…Can’t Act”

If the script sucks, you suck! Not every actor has the power to make crappy writers look good, over-turn directors, and tell producers to shut the fuck up. This trickles down to every position and goes topsy-turvy. Some producers can completely change an entire film because of their monetary clout. Some Directors can turn one persons vision into a greater or lesser creative vision. The business is crazy.

Also on a Sidenote:

A lot of people are worried that he will try to act a roll in the film. I honestly ask you if that would be so bad. Look at the pic above? Does he not have the build? Has he not shown with his more recent films that he is a great actor overshadowed by outside forces? I couldn’t care less if he decided to play a role! However, DC will probably have something to say about it. If Big Ben is willing to take a pay cut those words from DC will probably be:

The Breakdown of Today’s Events:

Well today has been a big day for movie news. First Marvel and the Signing of Joss Whedon until 2015 for a second Avengers film, and now we see DC finally making moves of their own.

The News: DC offers Ben Affleck the Director’s Seat for Justice League!

It’s True! DC has in fact offered the Directing gig to Ben Affleck and they will be in discussion for the next few weeks on the project. They had originally hoped that Christopher Nolan would take the job, but as well all know, and has been reported many times, Nolan is out of the directing super hero gigs for the time being. He is the Godfather of the Superman film, Man of Steel, but will not be directing another film any time soon. On the superhero front at least.

Ben Affleck has been the first to see the script produced by Gangster Squad writer, Will Beall. I had not heard that he was working on the script or had produced one, but two things can be deduced from this move. Either DC is happy enough with the script to start looking for a director, which is a big move, OR they are completely reacting to the fact that Marvel is still pushing forward like the steam-rolling powerhouse it has become in the last 3 years, only to grow stronger with the success of the Avengers.

Who can say why this is all happening? As the viewers and fans, we can only hope for the best outcome for the best film. I just really want people to know that as far as I’m concerned, don’t turn your nose up to Ben Affleck, He can surprise you in a good way.

Just to leave you fans of DC with a good taste in your mouth, for those that didn’t get to see it at the E3 of 2010. Here is the Cinematic Trailer for DC UNIVERSE ONLINE. We can only hope the movie is this sweet.

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