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Initial Reaction

Let me go ahead and get this out of the way. I HAD no drive to see this movie at all!!!


Because of what FOX did to X-Men Origins: Wolverine and the character of Deadpool (Within the same SHITTY FILM!). I KNOW!!! How could they fuck up so bad?! Fox will forever be known as the bane of all that encompasses the love of comic book to film adaptations. They fucked up Wolverine so bad I can barely contain myself and just thought about making a whole new post showing just how much I hate their guts for what they’ve done.

Whoever sat at the table in the Meeting for Wolverine and suggested that Deadpool be turned into a walking pun (A dead person with a “pool” of powers) Should have their head staked on the White House Lawn Fence!!!

Not to mention the fuck-tard who while filming the movie and saw that the entire film was stolen by Deadpool, who had between 3 and 5 lines in the first 30 minutes, didn’t reject the idea and continued with the travesty that turned Deadpool from THIS:

Into THIS:

a.k.a. MORE FAIL!

I want to know who is responsible for this. I’ll find you one day and make you pay! You should never be allowed to work in movies AGAIN!

Simply stated, I was going to boycott X-Men First Class until a friend called me up and said the sacred words that all us starving artist can’t wait to hear:


I walked into the theater with a chip on my shoulder and sat down ready to see what FOX would do next to make me Loathe their souls and wish death on all their execs. I wish I could convey, in words, the look of the man who is sitting in front of a movie theater screen or TV getting ready to not enjoy the visual entertainment about to be displayed before his eyes. Wait…I’m going to try to find an image that encompasses this moment…….




SO now that you have a good visual representation of me at the opening credits going through an evolution of ripping my own face off like the red skull (From the Captain American film dropping next month), Here is the review.

X-Men First Class: The Review!

Look at this image:

This movie has so much class I can barely stand it. It took me a day and a half after seeing it to bring myself to terms with how I felt. I fucking loved it! I couldn’t be more unhappy with myself for writing something good about Fox after their many trespasses against fans:


1) Blaming downloading for the fail known as Wolverine when the movie was two shades away from the darkest piece of shit known to cinema and storytelling.

2) Suing a woman for putting up a copy of the leaked Deadpool script that actually renewed peoples hope in Fox after their 7 plus years of treating fans, actors, and directors like shit. Certain people in the indusstry refuse to even work with them at this point.

3) Being FOX…The company that ruins television shows and cancels everything that people actually love because they are too busy trying to keep up with the Jones’s from other stations. Family Guy, Serenity, soon to be Fringe, and anything that isn’t a reality TV piece of garbage baked to perfection to ruin our minds. The only good show they have at this point is House MD.

ANYWAY: (I’m trying people. I really can’t stand Fox)

If you gander back at that picture I put up. It is a sample of the care that was taken with this movie. The thing that pisses me off the most about my view of this movie is that I have to become a fanboy nitpicking bastard to really have an issue with anything. Between the industry ideals that shaped a huge part of the themes touched on in this movie and the the great actors portraying the characters, I kind of have to punish them for doing what everyone does in an unfair manner to have issues with the film.

X- Men: The Back-story

Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the last 10 years, You know who the X men are, or have a vague understanding of the concept. There is a man by the name of Charles Xavier who mentors and harbors a rag tag group of Mutants (evolved humans with powers) that continuously save the world, and are known as the X-men. In the Public front, Xavier and his beloved X-Men teach a school of younger mutants and teach them to accept themselves in a world afraid of change. He hopes to fight for the acceptance of his kind through acts of selfless sacrifice and good deeds.


His once friend and ally, turned arch nemesis, is named Erik Lensherr aka Magneto. Erik is a man with a troubled past. Having lived through the death of his family at the hands of Nazi’s, he is a man that is familiar with the fear and evil that drives humanity in its constant struggle to instill dominance over it’s own individuals, through means of cruelty and conflict. Erik is obsessed with the ideology that there can be no peace between humans and mutants. Humanity is incapable of not being afraid and causing harm to he and his kind through ignorance.

Magneto’s Motto:

If you can’t join them, beat them into the ground and celebrate independence on their inferior ashes.

Synopsis for X-Men First Class:

It’s 1962 and amongst the political intrigue of the time, we join Erik Lensherr on a quest for vengeance and Charles Xavier on his over privileged quest for poon and knowledge. Due to common enemies and a global threat, these two individuals embark on a quest together to stop world annihilation at the hands of Soviets, Merchants of Death, and America.

Thoughts on the movie:

The movie was shot extremely well as a not too far reaching period piece, and they picked a very good cast for a Young Magneto(Michael Fassbender) and Charles Xavier (James McAvoy).

James McAvoy as Charles Xavier

I was very nervous about James McAvoy playing Professor X. I didn’t feel that he had the voice to nurture the mind like the originator Jean Luc Picard, I mean Patrick Stewart. I had hope for James, however, because If there is one thing he proved to me in “Wanted” its that he could play a very affable character. He played Xavier with the warmth of a British suitor. The way he conducted the evolution of Prof X as an intelligent playboy becoming a guide and teacher to troubled youth was very good and believable.

Michael Fassbender as Magneto:

A surprise to me, was the greatness of Michael Fassbender as Magneto. Maybe I just didn’t give credit to the man in his many roles (Inglorious Bastards, 300, Centurion), but I had no idea he could pull off Magneto. It was a delightful surprise. Especially with the depth that they brought to the back story of the character, only hinted at (with similar scenes) in previous movies.

The Beginning of Magneto and Prof. X was definitely a treat to watch on the big screen.

These two very strong actors lead the charge in what was quite a thrilling ride, only to be outdone by the Ever Fan Favorite Kevin “The Main Man” Bacon.

Kevin brought most of the class on his popped collars. Not only did he play Sebastian Shaw (The bad guy of the film, other than humanity), but he did so with the confidence of Michael Jordan leaping from the foul line to dunk the game winning point. As Sebastian Shaw, Kevin Bacon didn’t have much to do with the corny elements of the film. He was very focused and ever calculating in his charismatic performance that fit the character to a tee. Might I add, one reason I didn’t want to see the movie is because I figured there was no way they could pull off Sebastian Shaw in a convincing manner. I was wrong. They did it with style and the ever present word of this article “Class”. I think his timeless persona and solid acting sold the period(s) for me.

Let’s take a few more glances at his CLASS:

"That smell hitting your nose right now....It's Class!"

Okay, I swear this will be the last time you see me say Class.


Cons of the film: (The Fanboy Chronicles)

These are all things that I cant truly blame them for because everyone is doing it. Also, this consist of things that just didn’t appear sound though easily forgivable throughout the film. Like I said before at the top, I kind of have to nit pick to have an issue with the film.

1. Because of Twilight and the success of younger more attractive actors being the HOT BUZZ right now, they decided that first class had to be about sexual tension and the Nerd factor. Yes, I know the original comics had younger heroes as well, but they weren’t this young. They appeared older anyway, and do to some of their augmenting powers were older looking and more mature. Also, they didn’t even use all the original characters for the story, which would have actually been interesting to see being that if the movie does well enough, we will undoubtedly see sequels catching up to the time period of the original film.

2. Mystique: How in the course of three movies did we end up, back at this:

-Everything about this image screams fake, and it persist throughout the film. Her hairline looks abominable. Her scale details on the face are just splotchy and look like blue acne and not fixtures. Compare the pics above with these from the first movies:

3. Continuity is non existent here. The things changed in the midst of their love triangles and drama make for crazy incongruity. Some may say, “Well hey, Maybe they’re starting over?!”. I can accept this and hope they are to an extent, but there is a cameo that says otherwise.


The FINAL Verdict:

out of 10

Camera Work and Editing:
out of 10
(Strongly based on the use of a Classy Montage reminiscent of  Ocean’s 11)

out of 10

Kevin Bacon:
out of 10



– Get off your ass and go see it.

– It’s well worth admission price and I didn’t do this review with spoilers because there are key moments that make the movie outstanding.

– Pay Homage to the Bacon!

P.S. It was great to see Oliver Platt as always.

-TsTi Out! –

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